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Rachael Hughes
Sales Tax Specialist

Meet Rachael Hughes, our resident Sales Tax expert. With her expertise, she ensures that all monthly sales tax filings are submitted on time and accurately. Rachael also provides information for audits when necessary, renews all licenses for our clients, and works hard to maintain an organized and efficient Sales Tax department. Trust Rachael to keep your business compliant and running smoothly.

My Story

Rachael grew up visiting family in the Pell City and Irondale areas while she and her family gained a wealth of experiences moving around, and eventually settling in Pensacola, Florida- where she currently resides. Rachael holds a Bachelor of Science in Education which she used to pursue her first passion of teaching. After spending 5 years teaching in middle school classrooms, her hunger for learning lead her to decide to change her career in a direction that would allow more opportunities for growth and advancements. In 2023 she began onboarding to the Profitability Squared team where she files sales tax, permits/ licenses, and additionally helps in other departments like bookkeeping and accounting. Rachael’s aspirations include understanding the workings of each department and eventually moving to staff accountant.


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