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Haley Finlay, Executive Officer

Haley has managed Profitability Squared, Inc. for many years.  Her specialty is Payroll, Sales Tax, Entity Setups, and Income Tax.  She and Jennie work together in all aspects, to maintain efficiency, order, and accuracy in all the work that our office does.

My Story

Haley is a graduate of the University of Alabama (Tuscaloosa), where she received her Bachelors of Fine Arts in Painting and Printmaking, with a focus in Art History (2010).  Upon graduating, she moved to France and lived there for a year until she returned to the United States and began work in her family's company, Profitability Squared, Inc.  Having grown up around finance and accounting for most of her life, it was a natural transition.  Haley has formally been part of Profitability Squared since 2011, where she started as a payroll processor.  She has since worked her way through every department, gaining a wealth of knowledge, until ultimately becoming Executive Officer of Profitability Squared, Inc.  


Haley continues to pursue knowledge in the areas of finance and accounting, and currently maintains an active Life Insurance license.  Her goal is to share the things she has learned in order to help others to become as successful and financially stable as they can be.   


How can I help?  Let's connect.


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